I think I can see the essential part of every job I do and I don’t use energy for unnecessary things. In this way, I can also get my hands on the most difficult things for myself, when I dismantle them into smaller parts and focus on the essentials. I like to do technical, math and electricity. My core competencies also relate strongly to these three categories. I have a significant part of the knowledge of mathematics and electricity from the education side. I’ve always been doing some kind of tech. So my skills are not limited to the academic world. Before Aalto University, I have worked as a machinist, studied flying and worked on a farm. Now is the time when I combine what I learned earlier with this new one I have received from Aalto University and apply it to industry.

  • Educaion
    • 2018-2020 Master in mechanical engineering Aalto University
    • 2015-2018 Bachelor of Technology Aalto University
    • 2014-2015 Flight Reserve Officer Training (Lentoruk)
    • 2010-2014 Vocational School (machinist) and upper secondary school
    • 2001-2010 Primary School
  • Experience
    • Junior design engineer Comatec 2020
    • Diblomityö Aalto University 2019-2020
    • Aalto University Research Assistant Part-time 2017-2019
    • Structural Designer Sweco Summer Work 2018
    • Trainee Airbus Defence And Space oy Kesätyö 2017
    • Hitsaaja Wikar oy ab Kesätyö 2014
    • Machinist Kokkola LCC oy Summerwork 2012-2013 and 2015-2016
    • Betset oy Summer work 2011
    • Farm work 2003-2010
  • Honours and awards
    • Scholarship from Yrjö and Senja koivunen Foundation 2020
    • Scholarship from Julius Tallberg Fund 2018
    • Dean’s list 2018
    • Sweco Scholarship 2017
    • Dean’s list 2017
    • Dean’s list 2016
    • Dean’s list 2015
    • Reserve Military Pilot 2015


2001-2010 Primary School 

I’m a little shocked to start school. I was used to spending all day on the farm helping with everything I could do. I spent a lot of time outside and adventured around our property. I didn’t even know there was any other life. I knew that a wide and hot dirt road would lead somewhere, but I wouldn’t have guessed it would be so much. However, going to school wasn’t always easy, but luckily sometimes in the third grade I realized I liked studying and got satisfaction when I learned new things and understand how things work. This same enthusiasm still seems to be straining my studies and has been of great help to me. When the ninth grade finally came to an end, it was time to think about where to go. There are not many schools near sauna village so I decided to apply to kokkola vocational school, where my cousin, one year older, studied machining. So the plan was clear and it was time to move out of the house.

2010-2014 Vocational school and upper secondary school

I studied machining at kokkola vocational school and have deepened my skills in this field with a number of summer jobs. When I went to vocational school for the second year, I noticed that I probably want to continue my studies and challenge myself further, so I decided to start studying at Kokkola Adult School. Reconciling high school and vocational school went quite straightforward, I was about every other episode of vocational school and every other high school. The studies went well and the various studies brought a change to the routine.

2014-2015 Flight Reserve Officer Training

I’d always dreamed of being a pilot, and my dad told me to apply to be a pilot in the army. When I graduated in spring 2014, I took the entrance exams of the air doctor and applied for postgraduate studies. At the beginning of the summer, I had a rather interesting situation with thick envelopes that came into my mailbox. I had been chosen for both the sner and Aalto. When I packed my bags when I left for Tikkakoski to do my service, I put Aalto’s letter to the bottom of my bag, where it was forgotten for almost a year. I thought I was so sure that a military pilot’s career was so certain that I didn’t think much about college. Halfway through the year, everything seemed good, I had passed the flight theories with a result of almost 100%. Then came the moment I first saw the plane from the nearest time and i got out almost immediately, guided by such a thing. Flight training went well, but since there were a lot of great benders with me and there were limited places to continue in cadet school, I qualified for the continuation. I must say that at the time I was a little annoyed, but pretty soon I realized that my strengths are more about technology. However, Lentoruk was more significant achievements of my life and i still made a lot of good friends with whom we still gather every summer to spend the weekend together. I can also say that I grew up as a person in the army and learned to take responsibility and try difficult things for yourself.

2015-2018 Bachelor of Technology Degree

The army came to an end, and I had fortunately remembered to accept the place of study. In the last few weeks of the army, I found a thick and ruttun envelope at the bottom of my bag, and I began to remember where I had really applied and where I had gotten. When I read the letter, I noticed that I had picked up and got onto some KJR line. I didn’t know what KJR was, but one of my classmates’ letter said the same sequence of letters. On Google, we found it to mean mechanical engineering and construction technology, nodded to information with approval. I didn’t get to the university on the very first day and I was a little lost, but on the first day I ran into a couple of familiar guys who took me under control. These guys had been with me in Tikkakoski as aircraft assistant mechanics, and with these guys I still do many of my teamwork.

At the beginning of school, I began to complete my studies in order of model schedule. Whenever the event allowed, I chose mechatronics courses, where I found my current passion and interest. In the last bachelor year, I started working as a research assistant on wireless charging, and I’m still doing this work with my studies. In 2018, I completed my studies and completed my degree excellently. I had also been on the dean’s list every three years.

2018-2020 Master’s Programme in Mechanical Engineering

I started my Master’s degree in autumn 2018. I have chosen a lot of mechatronics and machine design in HOPS and a little product development. I am pleased to find myself doing well in the studies and it seems that I only need to complete one more course next fall and I will be ready if I can get the diblomi work done next summer. The winds of change have floated over the Master’s Year, as my entire life’s continuing studies are coming to some kind of conclusion. Of course, it is important today to maintain lifelong learning, but perhaps school benches will soon be exhausted. The idea seems undeniably inconsuffy and I have already begun to consider postgraduate studies.


I’ve had a lot of experience with a lot of different things. I have worked on a farm, as a concrete man, welder, machinist, teacher, cleaner and researcher. I have noticed that work experience in one field can sometimes prove to be really valuable in another area. For example, the days I spent in front of the lathe have made me think about practical manufacturing and implementation of the parts I’ve designed on my computer. I personally appreciate all the work experience possible and starting a new job and learning a new one has always been really nice. 

Engineering company Comatec, Turku. 3.2020-.

I currently work at Insinööritoimisto Comatec as a mechanical engineer. I’m involved in designing a capsule installation device for the Posiva nuclear fuel disposal facility. This is a product development project in which we design a completely new technology for the treatment of spent fuel, and thus the project provides a good framework for developing our own design skills and creativity. When working on radioactive material, you can learn about new requirements related to radiation safety, material requirements, project management and information security. Above all, I get a lot of practical experience using various design programs. NX and Solidworks are especially familiar.

Aalto University, Espoo. 9.2017-12.2020

I worked for three years as a part-time research assistant at Aalto University alongside the school. I was involved in an EU-funded MICEV project aimed at designing a wireless road charger for electric cars. My job was to form a mathematical FEM model on the electric field of the windings and to analyse the effect of various position errors on charging and the efficiency of the charging. In my work, I really got to challenge myself and learn new things and accept my own ignorance. However, we were able to overcome the obstacles and generate new research data. In addition, I was able to write about the subject as well as my bachelor’s work and my master’s thesis. So I learned a lot of lessons and experience in wireless charging and modelling it with various FEM programs such as Comsol and Elmer.

Sweco, Helsinki. 6-8/18 (3 months)

I worked at Sweco as a structural engineer for one summer in the reinforced concrete department. In the summer, we designed e.g. A posiva nuclear waste encapsulation plant, which I had re-acquainted with in my post at Comatec. My tasks included drawing at Autocad and Tekla and designing simple structures. Although I am most interested in mechatronics, I found this work helpful because I got to know a business that was strange to me. I think these lessons will come someday to help me in my career.

Airbus Defence And Space oy, Jyväskylä. 6-8/17 (3 months)

I worked at Airbuss on a test team that tested TETRA walkie-talkies. My work is mainly related to the design of test equipment and the installation of equipment. I also ran a lot of tests and reported the results to the system. In the summer, I gained a lot of experience working as an engineer in a large company and working in the company.

Kokkola LCC oy, Kokkola. 6-8/12, 6-8/13, 7-9/15, 6-9/16 (total 9 months)

My work at LCC has been very versatile, including mainly turning (manual/CNC), welding (TIG/MIG), ball blasting, dimensioning, drawing and drawing books, and driving a forklift. At LCC, I have also learned things related to the working of different metals and to move large pieces with a bridge crane. I consider this work to be one of the most significant in my own career. Although the work of the lathe is still a long way from the engineer’s work, it gives a lot of the healthy perspective that a successful engineer needs.

Wikar oy ab, Kruunupyy. 5-6/14 (2 months)

The work put the welding skills I learned at vocational school into a fire test. The work included: the construction of the fallow crusher parts by welding.

Betset Oy, Kyyjärvi. 6-8/11 (2 months)

My work at Betset included the manufacture and assembly, reinforcement, casting and finishing of moulds. I still appreciate this experience because I myself had to see and experience how concrete elements are manufactured and what problems and opportunities are involved.