The prototype of the cable-free lift in the PDP gala.

Almost cable-free lift

We designed the prototype of a cable-free elevator for KONE as part of the Aalto University’s PDP course. During the year, we built an elevator that runs between two walls with the help of the mecanum wheels. The lift can, therefore, go up and down, left and right, diagonal, and even rotate. Nor is the sky the limit, because the elevator does not have to use the cables. Therefore, we named it Freelevator.

The most significant advantage of the elevator is its immense capacity combined with a small space. One such elevator shaft can include an unlimited number of these elevator cars. The saft will be three cars wide and the cars are controlled with a central controller unit. So, waiting for the lift is history since elevator cars can overtake each other and serve people as efficiently as possible. In large cities and tall buildings, this technology can save millions of euros. With fewer elevator shafts, space in each floor is saved, and the total saved area is proportional to building height. After reaching the top, a lot of space has been saved, which can be sold or rented.

Lift movement

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