I’m a mechatronics master from Kyyjärvi, now living in Turku, Finnland.

Please prefer the Finnish site until all content is ready for English pages. So far only a fraction of context is translated in English, but the goal is to get the English pages ready at some point. Unfortunately, new Finnish content is emerging all the time which makes it hard to keep up with translating. In addition, the Finnish language is quite common here in Finland, so you have to get used to this. Fortunately, there is a somewhat ok automatic translating tool in WordPress, but it translates almost word by word which means a lot of mistakes since I use my Finnish quite freely.

This site is about my project and professional profile. I also update the blog about advertising, web developing, technology and hunting.

  • Born and visited the elementary school in Kyyjärvi
  • Studied at Kokkolan Vocational institute, the Machinist’s degree, and high school
  • Military service in the Finnish air force
  • Mechanical engineering studies in Aalto-university, Otaniemi.
  • Bachelor of mechanical engineering 2018
  • Master of Science in technology, Mechanical Engineering 2020

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You can find more detailed information about me in the resume page.