Finally, I was made to my wife Veera, to present her works. The site became pleasantly looking and functional. We designed the site’s layout and structure together with Veera, and we reached a meaningful conclusion.

The front page has a beautiful header, and below of that the shifting carousel of paintings.

The site presents the work clearly and includes a contact form to ask for more information about the works. The website also features Veera’s social media channels.

The site provides easy access to Veera’s social media channels, both Facebook and Instagram.

Beautiful works are naturally the main issue of the site. In presenting the works, I used the Visual Portfolio add-on to make a clever picture gallery. In the gallery, you can filter images by technique or organize them by date.

In the gallery, the work is shown as large as possible and it is even possible to view full-size paintings by clicking on the images.

Visit Veera’s pages and see the paintings via the link below!


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